Retail Media Sell on the new e-commerce playground

Retail media is the big advertising trend of 2022, which distributes your products on third-party websites. An acquisition channel still in full expansion to promote your catalog.
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8% of the digital advertising market

62% of millenials prefer this way of buying

1 out of 3 shopper discover brands via retail media

A strategic channel to emerge among your competitors

To date, 1 out of 2 buyers only buys via marketplaces (* Opinion Way). And according to some forecasts, this will concern 2 out of 3 BtoC purchases by 2024. It is essential to position yourself on these levers to broaden your target and generate additional sales. At SteerFox, we are convinced that the power of our algorithms can help you stand out among your competitors.

A automated solution for predictive campaigns

The SteerFox solution automates a number of tasks so that you can focus on the high value-added tasks. The platform collects data from different channels to predict consumer trends and enrich our cross-platform analysis for the benefit of your acquisition campaigns. The goal is to industrialize the competitive analysis in order to push your products at the right time.

Your multi-format Pinterest Ads campaigns

Amazon is ranked as the number 1 website where French people spend the most money. A channel that presents a potential not to be neglected when investing in online advertising.

LeBonCoin is the most visited generalist marketplace in France after Amazon. An acquisition channel dedicated to the performance of BtoC e-commerce players.


ManoMano is 500 million visitors per month and 7 million active customers. An inevitable acquisition channel for businesses in the DIY, gardening and home sector.

Complementary e-commerce growth levers

Our solution has already contributed to the creation of over 150 success stories.
E-commerce players who rely on our catalog management platform to help them in their e-commerce development.

Performance that exceeds your objectives



We were growing rapidly and looked at many options before choosing Steerfox’s SaaS solution. Their computing power and multiple sorting options allowed us to grow our sales while increasing our ROI.
Quentin Dusautoir - Acquisition Manager


“SteerFox has allowed us to quickly improve our campaign management! Optimizations are now made range by range and according to the profiles of prospects or customers.”

Clément Le Fournis - Co-founder

Conversion rate

“SteerFox has been our SEA partner for almost 5 years. We regularly share with them our priorities, innovations and new optimizations that can be implemented thanks to their platform.”
Cédric Bondel - Marketing Director


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