Microsoft ads Profitable campaigns that complement Google Ads

This is a channel that is underestimated by advertisers, but very profitable to promote your product catalog for a sustainable and profitable growth of your online sales.
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Microsoft Ads ?

Bing + Yahoo: +13% of desktop search market share

Dozens of search engines associated to Bing

Lower CPCs than other levers

Microsoft Ads

A less competitive and more affordable advertising lever

Microsoft search engines have a much lower search volume than Google with 1.2%* of market share on mobile and about 10%* on desktop in France. A less competitive lever that nevertheless represents a great potential, with 11.7 billion* monthly searches on Bing. A double advantage for your advertising campaigns. On the one hand, the number of advertisers is lower, which allows you to reach a higher impression share. On the other hand, campaign rates are between 33%* and 42%* lower for a large majority of keywords (Source: StatsCounter).

A network of exclusive partners

Microsoft has a large network of search partners including Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Qwant and other syndicated partners. Our SEA experts manage your Microsoft Ads campaigns by considering on which channel your target audience will be and what their level of engagement will be per lever and for each of the products in your catalog (Source: StatsCounter).

A complementary SEA channel to Google Ads

Microsoft Ads is an ideal complementary channel to go further than Google. By using both channels, your acquisition will be more balanced and diversified. Our experts will be able to promote your product catalog to more Internet users and position your brand where some of your competitors are absent.

Complementary e-commerce growth levers

Retail media
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We were growing rapidly and looked at many options before choosing Steerfox’s SaaS solution. Their computing power and multiple sorting options allowed us to grow our sales while increasing our ROI.
Quentin Dusautoir - Acquisition Manager


“SteerFox has allowed us to quickly improve our campaign management! Optimizations are now made range by range and according to the profiles of prospects or customers.”

Clément Le Fournis - Co-founder

Conversion rate

“SteerFox has been our SEA partner for almost 5 years. We regularly share with them our priorities, innovations and new optimizations that can be implemented thanks to their platform.”
Cédric Bondel - Marketing Director


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