Retailer An acquisition strategy that understands the online and offline environment of retailers

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200 000

retailers in France sell their products online. A strong competitive pressure that you must face (FEVAD)

Defining your online sales potential

Understanding your competitive situation. Analyzing your product potential by measuring the demand generated on all search engines. This is the mission of our SaaS platform.

Maximizing your online market share

Activate multi-levers management: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest, TikTok to maximize your market share on your priority products.

Generating more traffic your points of sale

Leverage local communication to fuel your physical network based on local product availability. Alert your community of upcoming events

Our solution has already contributed to the creation of over 150 success stories.
E-commerce players who rely on our catalog management platform to help them in their e-commerce development.

Performance that exceeds your objectives


Gross margin

Thanks to a coherent segmentation of +600 automated campaigns, a sharp analysis of our product performances, and an omnichannel approach, SteerFox made it possible to achieve in only 6 months a gross margin increase of 336%, with the same budget.


Non-brand Turnover

By developing Phildar’s actions on Bing and by activating CSS, SteerFox has allowed the company to experience a strong growth of its online revenues. Phildar’s ambition is to continue to grow by activating new channels managed by SteerFox.



SonoVente chose to rely on SteerFox to manage its acquisition campaigns and prepare for the arrival of Performance Max. Our unique platform for product catalog management has allowed us to put innovation at the heart of Sonovente’s e-commerce growth.


Let's uncover your growth potential!
Have your campaigns analyzed to identify untapped opportunities and receive a customized action plan.

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